Podziękowania z Izraela!

Podziękowania z Izraela!
Przekazujemy podziękowania dla wszystkich uczniów i nauczycieli biorących udział w wymianie kulturalnej z Izraelem, której organizatorem było Miasto Poznań…

Dear friends,
we spent the wonderfull time in Poznań and we got the warm hospitality from the Poznań municipality and schools.
We felt at home !! and it’s not obvious.
I, the staff, the students and their families felt the warmth and special hospitality you gave to us.
Today’s world is full of technology and lack of personal contact and that was not felt on our visit to Poznan: we were warmly welcomed with love and willingness and the personal connection between Israeli and the Poles was amazing.    

The program you prepared was professional, interesting and varied. Both the students and the staff learned a lot about the culture, art and history of Poland. I know for sure that the perspective of both students and teachers about Poland is more complete now. The students’ learning and artistic experience was significant thanks to your program.
I wish you a merry Christmas, you are all wonderful and professional people
I am sending you a warm greeting from the entire Israeli team.
I also attach you a short video we prepared for you from the visit to Poznan. With a lot of respect to all of you, Your friend, Sigalit.